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New spacecraft expands the possibilities of the space tourism market

Transport design studio PriestmanGoode, in collaboration with the space tourism agency Space Perspective, has generated a new spacecraft prototype capable of comfortably transporting humans to the edge of space. To see a simulation of the […]

Are the trees in solidarity with one another?

From Future Magazine we want to share this poem by the Uruguayan writer Mario Benedetti. Who was able to expose in this poem, subtlety and with humor, the planetary nature of the cultural and environmental […]

A wall doesn’t have to be a border

Let’s build a permeable wall of biodiversity on the US-Mexican “border” and let Trump pay for it! Can a wall have a different function than separating the people and the different territories? Can the symbol […]

The temperature is rising – are we too?

The normal body temperature of a healthy human being ranges from 36,5°C to 37,5°C, the body temperature varies between different persons and also within a person during times of physical activity and times of rest […]

The World needs to make space for the Earth!

Fragmented Earth by Johannes Wiener

We normally use two different terms to describe our planet, these terms carry along with them important philosophical concepts. In the English language, these names for our planet are World and Earth, in Chinese, they […]

The problem of water in times of health- and environmental crisis

Which are the answer to this problem from the official institutions? On March 23 of each year, the World Meteorological Organization, a specialized agency of the UN, commemorates the World Meteorological Day, which this year […]

Tupac Amaru – Hero of the indigenous resistance

José Gabriel Cordorcanqui, better known by his Inca name: Tupac Amaru the second, was born into the Inca aristocracy. He is known historically for leading one of the greatest rebellions against Spanish colonialism of the […]

The Corona Virus and why the virus itself is our smallest problem, part 2

In the first part of our article, we told you about the ability of viruses to mutate and how the Coronavirus is an example of this. In this article, we will tell you more about […]

The Corona Virus and why the virus itself is our smallest problem, part 1

Coronavirus and mutation capacity of viruses So far, the count for COVID 19 is more than 7100 dead and almost 180,000 infected. This is the state on the 17th of March 2020. In just over […]

Migration and the world of the future

Worldwide migration is increasing, but is this not a logical development of the modern world? Should we maybe see migration in a different light, what about migration inside countries and is there migrant labor without […]