When dance meets Futurism – Tao dance Theater Nr.6

This is a contemporary dance piece that allow us to see how humans are going to look like in the future. It allow us to experience the sensual aspects of this likely transformation into a […]

Nirvana (1997)


Nirvana (1997)-Gabriele Salvatores   We will inaugurate this section with a classic from the nineties “Nirvana”. A film that we really love and which interpretates quite good some of our worries about the future. One of […]

Ten reasons because we love Stark Trek


Because it basically embodies everything what we now consider as “politically correct” but at a time where those values spoke for madness. The series was a real cultural shock, they showed what at that time […]

Interplanetary Law

Since the early second half of the last century we start to see how this long dream of exceeding the borders of all what we always knew until then as Home, namely planet earth,  start […]

Losing our differences

I have lived in different countries, travel trough four continents and gotten in touch with people from many different cultures. I walked among indigenous people and European men of science and because of these experiences, […]