A wall doesn’t have to be a border

Let’s build a permeable wall of biodiversity on the US-Mexican “border” and let Trump pay for it! Can a wall have a different function than separating the people and the different territories? Can the symbol […]

The temperature is rising – are we too?

The normal body temperature of a healthy human being ranges from 36,5°C to 37,5°C, the body temperature varies between different persons and also within a person during times of physical activity and times of rest […]

The World needs to make space for the Earth!

Fragmented Earth by Johannes Wiener

We normally use two different terms to describe our planet, these terms carry along with them important philosophical concepts. In the English language, these names for our planet are World and Earth, in Chinese, they […]

The problem of water in times of health- and environmental crisis

Which are the answer to this problem from the official institutions? On March 23 of each year, the World Meteorological Organization, a specialized agency of the UN, commemorates the World Meteorological Day, which this year […]

The Corona Virus and why the virus itself is our smallest problem, part 2

In the first part of our article, we told you about the ability of viruses to mutate and how the Coronavirus is an example of this. In this article, we will tell you more about […]

Migration and the world of the future

Worldwide migration is increasing, but is this not a logical development of the modern world? Should we maybe see migration in a different light, what about migration inside countries and is there migrant labor without […]

Human values of the future

Sharing common values is essential for humans to cooperate on a bigger scale, from building the pyramids, exploring new areas or systematically killing each other in wars. But which should be human values in the […]

5 Things we can learn politically from Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking was not just an outstanding theoretical physician; he did also care deeply for humankind politically. He tried to connect his effort to scientifically explore the universe with the attempt to advocate political enlightenment […]

What will happen if robots replace human work?

We can see an ever increasing use of robots to replace human workers. This opens the way for a society that depends mostly on machine labor, but what does this mean for humans? Will we […]

What can we learn about alien contact from a small island in the Indian Ocean?

Might aliens have the same reasons for not contacting us, as we do have for not contacting the Sentinelese people in the Indian ocean? What can we learn about alien contact from the relationship between […]