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Future Magazine: “A tomorrow very present”

Everyone have dreamed with the tomorrow, with the future and the possibilities because this world surprise us everyday with technological advances, new scientific theories, space exploration trips and even formation of colonies outside our planet, all this topics that we read in science fiction books, futuristic films or in our afternoons imagining us traveling throught space, now are real and very tangible.

Future Magazine is conformed by dreamers, thinkers, scientists and futurists, everyone with our eyes in the future, thinking and contributing to form a new humanity, giving emphasis in the theories that will make this a reality and the new possibilities that the science and the technological advances bring with them.

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María Sanhueza

Expat, loving science as well as the humanities, wine and coffee. Athlete and addicted to reading.
“If you re afraid of drowning while crossing the river which might seem too wide and fast at this point, then, you’ll need to go back and cross it at its origin until me, yourself or someone else can build the foundation that can give form to a huge bridge which will make the trip possible to everybody”

Johannes Wiener

Focused on social development, Architecture, Art and Nature. Landscape designer currently studying architecture.

“We need to develop new ideas for the future of mankind, which focus on living in symbiosis with all life and becoming mature as a species”


N. Toledo

Enterpreuner of scientific training, outdoor sports lover and philosofy.

“My biggest concern is the meaning that the future will take, how humanity will be shaped and how we will guarantee our existence as a species”


Yoel Painen Future Magazine

Yoel Painen

Electricist, I like inventions and questions. Infinite love to dogs. Marxist and Mapuche. Humanity and future.

“Old people usually act and speak in the name of their disappointments, of their failures, which they call experience, as if we should all  fail in life and disabuse ourselves” (Vicente Huidobro, Vientos contrarios. )


Álvaro Carreño Sáez

Enthusiast to mountaineering, electronics and to eat cakes. Educational Psychologist.

“Not everything you see is reality, nor everything you dream is fantasy” (Rei Ayanami)




Andrew Sáez

Art lover. I like dragons, reading and rainy days. Illustrator and translator english-spanish for Future Magazine.

“Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not. Make it your strenght, then it can never be your weakness. Armour yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you.” (Tyrion Lannister)


Francisco Pavez

Social psychologist. I like epistemology, music, hardcore punk and lemon pie.

“Using metaphor as a weapon and words as his bullets.” (Contra Todos Mis Miedos)