Future Magazine Inauguration Act

All of us have once dreamt about the future and its possibilities. It is something natural given the fact that this world surprises us every day with new technologies, discoverings, scientific theories, explanetary mission or the crazy posibility of building a colony on mars. The wildest thoughts of the science fiction have finally become true and we can experience them on daily basis, how then, could we not wonder where will all these things brings us?

Future magazine is made up of people who have their eyes on the future, thinking and contributing to the conformation of a new humanity, putting on the table the theories that will make this a reality and the new possibilities that science and technological advances bring with them.
Future Magazine is founded on the following principles:

  • Present a proposal regarding the contents and characteristics that may be acquired by humanity in its development and transformation process, seeking to critically cover all possible areas.
  • Study and publish the importance of different topics and phenomena, both social and natural, especially those that relate more directly to the development process of humanity.
  • Spread and problematize the different barriers and dangers that humanity faces and will face in its development and that can affect it transcendently.
  • To be a platform for propaganda and learning for those interested in seeking the greatest possible development for humanity, based on radical transformation and overcoming reality, fostering the establishment of enriching and non-alienating social relationships, transcendent to each human being, be harmonious with our surroundings.

From today we put ourselves available of the tasks and concerns that we will face as humanity, in the first instance, through a digital means of dissemination, compilation and analysis.

Join our team and build the future!!
Future Magazine Team
In Chile and Austria, December 23, 2017