Are the trees in solidarity with one another?

From Future Magazine we want to share this poem by the Uruguayan writer Mario Benedetti. Who was able to expose in this poem, subtlety and with humor, the planetary nature of the cultural and environmental tragedy that deforestation brings.

From Tree to Tree

Are the trees in solidarity with one another?
let’s say the chestnut in the elysian fields
of the quebracho in entre ríos,
or the olive trees in jaén, caring
of the willows in tacuarembó?
would the westphalian oak warn
the slender Tyrol larch tree to
better manage its turpentine?
the rubber tree in pará,
or the baobab by the shores of the cuanza,
are they perchance to blame for the green angst
of that cypress in mission dolores
nodding off in frisco,
would the ombu in the dewy pampa nurture
any brotherly feelings about the Antilles ceiba?
trees in this park or that forest,
would they whisper in the canopy that
the once sacred mistletoe among the gauls
is now but a parasite
wielding sap-sucking shoots?
would the cedars of Lebanon know,
and would so the mahogany in corinth,
that their unrelenting enemies are
neither the camagüey palm
nor the tasmanian eucalyptus
but rather the lumberjack’s persistent axe,
the saw of the great timber giants, and
the lightning suddenly whiplashing in the night?

Mario Benedetti

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