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Future Magazine Inauguration Act

All of us have once dreamt about the future and its possibilities. It is something natural given the fact that this world surprises us every day with new technologies, discoverings, scientific theories, explanetary mission or […]

Interplanetary Law

Since the early second half of the last century we start to see how this long dream of exceeding the borders of all what we always knew until then as Home, namely planet earth,  start […]

Losing our differences

I have lived in different countries, travel trough four continents and gotten in touch with people from many different cultures. I walked among indigenous people and European men of science and because of these experiences, […]

Bring back the mammoth?!

Scientists in the US, South Korea and Russia are researching the possibility to bring back the wooly mammoth. The wooly mammoth walked the ice-age plains and forests of Northern Asia, Europe and North America before […]