Ten reasons why we love Stark Trek

    1. Because it basically embodies everything what we now consider as “politically correct” but at a time where those values spoke for madness. The series was a real cultural shock, they showed what at that time was nothing but unthinkable: gay couples, women and black people at the chain of command. They are responsible for the first kiss between a white woman and a black man shown on TV. They would have definitely been on board with the Me-too movement.Star-Trek-The-Next-Generation.jpg
    2. They raised the idea of a inter-racial democratic society during the middle of the cold war, when to even think about such a thing was considered to betray your country (especially if you were American).
    3. It allowed us to imagine how life as “an inter-species experience” would look like.
    4. No science as a god! There is any scientific idea which was taken as a dogma. They are always open to embrace the constant development of their ideas.
    5. It is real intergenerational stuff. My mother was already a big fan of the series on a time when I was not even born, and here I am now, watching the new season and probably my kids will still be watching the new outcomes on the next decade.
    6. They live constantly travelling through the space and visiting new worlds and we all wish to do so.
    7. Because even though we still wondering about whether there are any other universes or forms of life than us, for them it was just too obvious!
    8. It’s hope in the future. On a time where everybody was fearing the end of the world under a nuclear war they were certain about our capacity to develop in a harmonic way that would bring us the possibility to constantly expand our horizons.
    9. The Enterprise and its best spacecraft design ever! Not to mention all the new technology that we got to know thanks to the series, such us: universal translator, tablet computers, tricorders, phaser (now known as dazzler) and many other things that at that time did not exist.
    10. We love Mr Spock, who doesn’t?Spock.gif

Author: María Sanhueza

Expat, loving science as well as the humanities, wine and coffee. Athlete and addicted to reading. “If you re afraid of drowning while crossing the river which might seem too wide and fast at this point, then, you’ll need to go back and cross it at its origin until me, yourself or someone else can build the foundation that can give form to a huge bridge which will make the trip possible to everybody”