When dance meets Futurism – Tao dance Theater Nr.6

This is a contemporary dance piece that allow us to see how humans are going to look like in the future. It allow us to experience the sensual aspects of this likely transformation into a more collective being.

I wanted to talk about this piece-number 6-made by Tao Ye since a very long time. I love it and I know you are going to love it too. So, if you were wondering when will come the time when we would start to recommend more contemporary art pieces to you, well it is right now.

First of all, we need to say that Tao Dance Theater meets most of our ideas about the future, but instead of writing them down, they put them on the stage and make an amazing performance, which might be not easy to watch, but at the end is very enjoyable.

Although we are conscious of the enormous power of writing, we are also aware of its restrictions and one of them is its lack of images. When you read, the images are up to you. It is your own work to get inspired and make the best of it, nobody can force you to imagine a certain thing we all make our own associations. But dance does not lack of images at all, everything is about seeing and it has a fascinating quality of bringing images to you with movement.

Tao theater manages this very well, especially in piece number six, which is an enormous demonstration of mastering movement.


About the Performance

Their performance will transport your mind to a faraway place in the future where we will not recognize ourselves as particular entities anymore, but a collective being. At the same time that it will freak out your mind with a claustrophobically play with light and a fascinating way of exhibiting erotic in this futurist scheme.


We believe that one of the possible outcomes of the development of virtual reality is the annulation of personal subjectivity as a natural consequence of ourselves living in a virtual world. We can recognize this tendency on daily basis, just see how every day it is becoming harder to differentiate which subjectivity is the real one among our surrounding. Is it the Facebook profile? Is it the Instagram images? Or is it the image that we once had of a person in the real world?

Will we still have a real sexual life in the future?

Because of the lack of time, desire and because of the way in which the world works, we are accepting more and more virtual characters as the reality instead of the real, analogue ones. This is just the beginning, we are still not walking around all the time with google glasses or having sex only virtually. There is a long way to go, so the question is where will all this take us? How will our daily lives change, once we live our whole life mostly through the internet? How will our personal relationships look? Which will be the place of erotic? Will we still have our normal sexual impulses?


Futurismus revealing through Dance 

This piece makes a point in trying to problematize these issues. It does not just achieve to offer you this amazing trip to the hypothesis of how this future world is going to look. It tries also to connect this to the world of emotions and instinct feelings.

Tao Ye thinks about a future where there is a subjectivity, but without a subject. A genius hypothesis if we consider that contemporary dance despite of its originality has been all about subjects. In Tao Ye’s master piece, despite the annulation of the common vision of subjectivity, there is a totality. He conceptualizes the Taoist whole as a way to express this possible outcome of the annulation of the individual.

The dance is a smoothly movement between the deep philosophical vision of Taoism of a totality and a world where we will not be able to recognize it, but it will be there. The blindness of being, the be or not to be. The movement of change and its contrasts represented by the white and black outfits, which are naturally a sign of the deep use of Chinese spiritual philosophy, Yin and Yang dancing on the stage. The polarities and theirs fights reveling their contradictions. The huge complexity of this constant change, which is masterly represented with the two acts and the absence of light and music. The continuity and break down of constant living. All this and more can be found in this piece. Tao Ye brings us to the future, not as an imagination, but as a sensual moving representation.

Author: María Sanhueza

Expat, loving science as well as the humanities, wine and coffee. Athlete and addicted to reading. “If you re afraid of drowning while crossing the river which might seem too wide and fast at this point, then, you’ll need to go back and cross it at its origin until me, yourself or someone else can build the foundation that can give form to a huge bridge which will make the trip possible to everybody”